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Renert school private calgary royal oak higher education renertschool



Discover what your child can accomplish with 'serious fun'!

What is

Renert School?

Imagine what today’s children can achieve through boundless, personalized education dedicated to nurturing their interests and passions.

Welcome to Renert School! We are an innovative accredited private school in northwest Calgary, established in September 2013. It is founded on Renert’s 25 years of experience as the premier provider of academic support and test preparation services for Calgary elementary, high school and university students.

The Renert


Renert School offers a new and innovative educational model dedicated to nurturing students’ passions. Since its inception, it has established itself as Calgary’s leading Mathematics school. In addition to mathematics, Renert School is known for its unwavering commitment to joyful learning and academic rigour in all fields.

Personalized Learning

At Renert School, students progress at their own pace. We group students by their skill level in a given subject rather than by their age, with support at his or her own level.

Innovative Education

In our information age, when students can find answers to every question at the stroke of a computer button, school needs to offer much more than just content and testing.

Holistic Education

Renert School embraces the diverse range of human knowledge, and allows its students to discover and appreciate its fullness through many varied experiences.


Expert Staff

Meet our exceptional teachers who apply the innovative Renert philosophy on education towards growth in your children.




Our students gain a very strong foundation in reading, writing, math and science.  Even at this young age, they are taught by subject matter experts.


Students who excel in certain subjects are encouraged to continue to soar in them without limits, resulting in many of them working above grade levels.


Our small class sizes take students beyond the curriculum, enabling them to succeed at an accelerated pace and begin university-level courses.

A Smart


The Renert School building is designed to reflect the progressive educational vision of the school, providing a fun, visually stimulating environment that students want to come to every day. It is a hybrid school and community centre, featuring studio spaces for art dance, martial arts, music, and yoga.



  • Our son is thriving here!!! Amazing school with only the most passionate of teachers filled with a wonderful student body built on a strong sense of community. Based on a philosophy of having "SERIOUS FUN". I wish something like this existed when I was in school. There is nothing else like it.    

    Edwin Ma
    Edwin Ma Parent
  • Where else could my daughter study science with an astrophysicist, deconstruct the Gilmore girls, discuss bioethics and world religion, do community work locally and abroad and become a yogini, all just as her optional choices. Serious fun, academic rigour and a ton of love. We are grateful every day to get to go along on the marvellous starship adventure that is the Renert School. It's going to be a great year.  

    Brigitte Schnell
    Brigitte Schnell Parent
  • What's amazing about this school goes beyond the academics (which in itself is incredible), it's all the other programs that the school offers that no other school does. My kids get yoga, dance, art, music, chess, computer programming, and martial arts as part of their everyday curriculum. On Fridays, the kids at this school get what is called choice Friday. Kids as young as 6 get to discover what they love and they get to explore these passions. I feel so blessed that this school is in Calgary and that we get to be a part of the unique community.

    Naina Hirji
    Naina Hirji Parent
  • The Renert School is amazing! Our kids are thriving here and we are so happy with our decision to enroll them here. We believe the whole curriculum is great. What our kids needed was a challenge and an opportunity to show their abilities. That’s what Renert School offers. We have noticed growth in our children in just a few short months. It is a safe, fun, educational environment that we highly recommend.

    Lenka A Lubo Plaskon
    Lenka A Lubo Plaskon Parent
  • A unique approach to learning that definitely produces results and makes it fun too!!!!

    Maggie Gannon
    Maggie Gannon Parent
  • "Thank-you... Mr. Feroz for working with Eric and setting him up with time to get work done on his social assignments... I want you to know that I greatly appreciate your passion and dedication as a fine teacher... like all the teachers at Renert! Life is built on a great beginning and Renert is doing and has done that for Eric. I want to express my gratitude to all for their contributions in fulfilling my vision of a brighter, happier, more passionate, caring, mature... environment for learning for Eric! "

    Joanne Leclair


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Our founders, Aaron Renert and Dr. Moshe Renert, are proud recipients of the Arch Career Achievement Award from the University of Calgary!
By mh_admin / September 11, 2023

Our founders, Aaron Renert and Dr. Moshe Renert, are proud recipients of the Arch Career Achievement Award from the University of Calgary!

Our school's founders– Aaron Renert and Dr. Moshe Renert– have been honoured as Arch Award Recipients for Career Achievement from...

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In the Spotlight: Raunak Sandhu
By Renert School / June 8, 2020

In the Spotlight: Raunak Sandhu

In this SPOTLIGHT, we showcase our grade twelve student Raunak Sandhu and his achievements. A month ago we were notified...

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