At Renert School the students begin exploring the game of chess from the time they enter kindergarten. Chess is taught in a fun and engaging way where the younger students are able to play and feel the pieces on our “giant” and “mini-giant” chess boards. Our students progress at their own pace using the “Alterman System” chess booklets and software, developed by grandmaster Boris Alterman, and has been successfully tried and tested on tens of thousands of children ages 4 and up. Renert has the exclusive Canadian rights to this wonderful training system, and both our school kids and the Renert Bright Minds train with it daily. Through it, our children grasp the concepts and enjoy the play. Students who are interested in competitions are able to participate in the Choice Friday chess competition clubs and in chess electives to hone their craft.

GM Boris Alterman

Why Chess?

There are so many reasons for us to have adopted chess from the very young ages. In addition to being a beautiful game and the “Game of Kings” (and queens), the benefits of early introduction to chess are numerous and include:
  • Increasing self-image and confidence
  • Allowing for self-expression and creativity
  • Fostering the ability for delayed gratification
  • Developing the ability to control emotions in victory and in loss
  • Learning that a loss is not a failure, but a learning opportunity
  • Improving personal responsibility
  • Understanding that success is the result of hard work and high concentration
  • Creating new friendships; fostering the ability to accept and respect others
  • Developing the ability to problem-solve and to make decisions under pressure
  • Developing memory and concentration

News from the Chess Front

Many of our students compete in tournaments. Last April, our Division 1 Team (Luke, Zavier, Aydin, Atley, Ben and Adi) ranked 1st in the Calgary Schools Championship.
Our Division 3 Team (Jeff, Karan, Arjun C., Aashish, Aadesh and Sumair) ranked 2nd in the Calgary Schools Championship.
This year our students are enjoying considerable success, including Jeff’s 1st place in the Calgary Under-20 Championship, Ishaan’s 3rd place in the Calgary Under-10 championship, Ali’s 2nd place in the Calgary Under-18 championship, and Ben’s 3rd place in the Calgary Under-8 championship. Several students also enjoyed victories at the Calgary Junior Chess Club’s monthly tournaments, including Zavier, Armaan, and Aneesh. Renert School has become a chess powerhouse, and for our size we are the strongest in Calgary by far. Kudos to all our players for the solid achievements, to their coach, Mr. Vlad Rekhson, and to their dedicated parents. Finally, if you have not had a chance yet to congratulate Mr. Vlad on his brand new twin boys, please do. After much debate he decided to name them Jacob and Daniel; other names our students suggested for the twins (which made the shortlist) included Karpov and Kasparov, as well as Rook and Knight.

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