What an amazing day it was! Our students played fabulously at the Reach for the Top provincial finals at Webber Academy, achieving the highest rankings in Renert School’s (short) history. To those who are unfamiliar with the game, “Reach” is very much like “Jeopardy” for junior and senior high students. At the provincial finals levels it is an exciting display of sheer brainpower, as the best and brightest in the province go head-to-head to determine the new kings and queens of trivia. It calls for deep knowledge of thousands of facts involving history, geography, sciences, mathematics, literature, sports, popular culture… as well as the ability to retrieve them at lightning speed.


  • Renert Junior Team (grades 7-8) – 5th in Alberta
  • Renert Intermediate Team (grades 9-10) – The new Alberta champions (1st place)!!!
  • Renert Senior Team (grades 11-12) – Second place in Alberta!!! Losing (by a hair) to Edmonton’s Old Scona, a Reach powerhouse, and the reigning champions in Alberta.

This is the second consecutive year that our seniors are off to the Nationals (in Toronto) in late May, to play Canada’s top 15 teams for the national title. Our seniors were also recognized for their sportsmanship and won the Senior Sportsmanship award.

Isaac, Evan and Jonathan R, were recognized as MVP’s of the Round Robin play, and Isaac Renert won the Chris Zarski Award recognizing him as MVP of the entire tournament!

What a day it was! The players’ hard work and dedication has certainly paid off. Thanks to our coaches, Ms. Karen Harris and Mr. Jonathan Wilcox, for all your hard work. A big thank you as well to all our dedicated “Reach” parents for your support and dedication throughout the season. We wish our Seniors the best of success in Toronto, and commend all our players for paving the way and setting the bar so high for the young and budding “Reachers” in Divisions 1 and 2.

Aaron and Moshe Renert Very proud founders (and in this case, VERY proud fathers as well)

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