On Saturday, March 17, Diya was asked by two friends from Webber Academy (grade 7 Jaiden and grade 5 Sahel) to join their team for the CSSMA Math Stars competition. The competition is designed for grades 6-8, and is held at the University of Calgary. Diya (being Diya) made sure that the Renert School was listed as her home school and also proudly wore her Renert uniform. Respect for that! The two boys had never competed in any math contests before, so Diya captained the team, and helped them persevere through 4 grueling rounds of competition. The CSSMA is an all-day ordeal (from 9 until 4), and is very demanding (see https://cssma.ca/competitions-programs/math-stars-competition-series/).
Diya’s team was the youngest (by far) as well as the smallest one to compete at the CSSMA. Most other teams had 5-6 members, with most competitors in grade 8. This is why the CSSMA organizers were very surprised when points were tallied, and Diya’s team ranked 2nd. Diya and her friends will advance to the National Math Stars competition (end of May) since they placed 2nd on Regionals.
Vivek, Diya’s dad, commented: “…it goes to show how exceptional your math program is, Aaron. Diya’s knowledge of the subjects she took in math this year (such as circle geometry) gave her and her 2 friends the leading edge to achieve 2nd place. Our friends’ sons couldn’t understand how she managed to solve so many of the questions…”
Aaron says: “I applaud Diya for taking the time in the midst of all the math contests she already participating in (Beaver, Kangaroo, Gauss, Pascal, CESMC, CJHMC…) to initiate and to participate in others. It made me aware of the CSSMA, and next year Renert will send a few teams to compete in it. This is an excellent experience, especially since it allows kids to collaborate, combine their intellectual resources, and compete as a team. Kids enjoy the team aspect immensely, and mathematics is best done in community. Most of the credit here goes to Ms. Doina, Diya’s lead math teacher.”