What an amazing day Saturday was! Our students played fabulously at the Reach for the Top provincial finals at ESSMY in Edmonton, achieving the highest rankings in Renert School’s (short) Reach history.
To those who are unfamiliar with the game, “Reach” is very much like “Jeopardy” for junior and senior high students. It is an exciting display of brainpower, as the best and brightest in the province go head-to-head to determine the new kings and queens of trivia.
It calls for deep knowledge of thousands of facts involving history, geography, the sciences, mathematics, literature, sports, art and music, popular culture… as well as the ability to retrieve these facts at lightning speed.
And the results are…
· Renert Junior Team (grades 7-8) – 2nd in Alberta! (Silver). The Juniors beat all our expectations. They completed the Round Robin with a perfect 5-0, and kept coasting comfortably to the final game against Webber, where they put up a good fight as they went for gold, but lost to a better team. Justin Brown was the Renert Junior MVP. Our Juniors were also recognized for their sportsmanship and won the Junior Sportsmanship award, of which we are particularly proud. Well done Juniors!
· Renert Intermediate Team (grades 9-10) – 6th in Alberta. Our Intermediate team started the day with a perfect Round Robin of 5-0 (beating every expectation). The afternoon was tougher, but we came very close to playing for bronze. Excellent play, and great experience for next year’s play. Evan Juricic was the Renert Intermediate MVP.
· Renert Senior Team (grades 11-12) – THE NEW ALBERTA CHAMPS (Gold)!!! Finally taking the title away from Edmonton’s Old Scona, the Alberta Reach powerhouse, who has ranked 1st in Alberta over the past 4 years. Both our senior teams played strongly, but it was “Renert A” (Ben W., Jonathan R., Addison and Maya) who won all their games, including a down-to-the-wire, hair-splitting win against Old Scona in the final. Adam Ursenbach was the MVP of “Renert B”. Jonathan Renert, the captain of “Renert A”, won the Chris Zarski MVP Award, and is the provincial MVP at the senior level!

The players’ hard work and dedication has certainly paid off. Thank you coaches, Ms. Stead and Mr. Wilcox, as well as “Mr. M” (Reggie) for all your hard work. Thanks to all parents who came up to Edmonton to support the teams and to help with transportation, and especially to Susan Small who also volunteered to be a reader throughout the day (not easy). Special thanks also go to the Butt family for organizing comp-tickets to West Edmonton Mall’s Water World for Friday; kids had a blast!
For the third consecutive year, our seniors are off to Reach Nationals in Toronto (late May), to play Canada’s top 15 teams for the national title. As Seniors are heading off to Nationals, “Renert Senior A” and “Renert Senior B” will be amalgamated into a single team, comprised of our strongest 4 seniors. We wish our seniors the best of success in Toronto. We ranked 15th in the country in 2016, and improved to 9th in the country last year. All eyes on you, seniors, to make it to the Top-8 this year. Keep on setting the bar high, and keep on inspiring future generations of aspiring Renert “Reachers”.
Aaron and Moshe Renert, proud founders
(and in this case, VERY proud fathers as well)