On Saturday, June 2, 2018, eighty five enthusiastic, nervous Spellers from all over town converged on the stately grounds of Webber Academy to face off in the 6th Calgary Invitational Elementary Spelling Bee competition. Among them were 6 diligent students from Renert School: Pyotr, Deven and Marlea from Division 1, and Eesha, Diya and Chelsea from Division 2.
Following three-and-a-half hours, and many rounds of intense word-spelling challenges, we are proud to announce that Deven Chakabarti placed 3rd in Calgary in his division and took bronze, while Diya Sharma placed second in her division and collected the silver. Diya was one word away from taking the gold, and I know that she will never again misspell the word “algorithm”…
Very strong performances by Marlea (7th place), Chelsea (6th place), and Eesha (4th place). Having 5 of our 6 spellers making it to the very top ranks was exhilarating to see. We congratulate all 6 students who worked indefatigably (spell that!) in their preparation. We also thank all parents for your support, encouragement and hard work over the past 3 months.
We mostly thank our beloved Ms. Judith Brown, the MVP of the Spelling Bee operation, for all her dedication and time in preparing our students for the competition, highlighting once again that the Renert School continues to excel with enhanced learning, innovation and dedication to growth and success. Much like Reach for the Top, looks like our brainiacs found in Spelling Bee another exciting outlet for showcasing their true colours. Well done by all participants; thank you for making us proud, yet AGAIN!
Special recognition to Webber Academy for the top notch organization of a flawless event, and for the very generous hospitality.