The Calgary Junior High Math Contest (CJHMC) is in many ways the best of the season. It is designed for students in grades 7-9, and is written by over 2,000 of Calgary’s strongest junior high math students representing dozens of schools. What we like about it is that it has an open ended “PartB” in which students are required to write down their solutions and present their mathematical thinking (as opposed to the multiple choice format). What we love most about the CJHMC is the award ceremony held at the University of Calgary to which the top 50 students in Calgary are invited. Dinner is served as well. At the ceremony, the winners’ names are read from #50 going all the way up to #1; this creates great suspense, as kids are biting their nails hoping the next name read will not be theirs….
Being a competition for grade 7-9 students, the top 50 in Calgary naturally are almost all grade 9s, with the occasional grade 8 student. It is rare for a grade 7 student to be in the top 50, and incredibly rare for grade 6 students (or younger) to place. This year, our school had its best showing ever by way of the number of Renert students represented: 9 out of the top 50 in Calgary are Renert students. Of them, only one (Evan) is in grade 9, and the rest are in grades 8 and 7, with Liz and Jibola still in grade 6(!) I am sure this will not be the last time Liz and Jibola are invited to the CJHMC award ceremony…
In the school category Renert received the 3rd place trophy right behind Mount Royal JH (2nd), and Louis Riel (1st). The school ranking is determined simply by adding our the school’s top 3 scores. This year our strongest three were grade-7 Shailah, grade-8 Ian Z., and grade-7 Brendan. We had a very strong team this year, and it is always nice to see other excellent schools (especially public) competing so well and we congratulate them both. The highlight of the evening was Shailah Aggarson winning the CJHMC this year, ranking #1 in Calgary. In the past 15 years, only 2 students who were not in grade 9 won it, and only 3 female students won. Shailah is the first ever female student younger than grade 9 to win the CJHMC. This is a fantastic accomplishment that speaks volumes of Shailah’s work ethic, mathematical intuition and prowess, determination and of the coaching provided to her by Ms. Doina.