Last year, the students in our Mathematics 30-1 scored the highest diploma exam average in Alberta. It was 89.5%.  In September, the students of this year’s Mathematics 30-1 class said that they could do even better and, after some bartering, proposed a bet: if they scored an average of 92%, then we would take them to a fancy dinner at The Keg. We agreed to take the bet because it seemed very far-fetched (at the time) that any class could achieve this high an average on the mathematics diploma exam. We should have calculated better!

When the January diploma exam marks arrived, we found that the eight students – Anchita, Ben, Kanika, Moriah, Raunak, Simran, Taylor, and Tobi – received a combined class average of 92.5%(!!!). Their success is all the more astonishing when one considers their ages: many of these students are in grades 9-10. The bet was paid off on Monday evening. The students celebrated their success in style at The Crowfoot Keg with steak dinners. As we were contemplating questions such as “In how many ways can a dinner of one appetizer and one entree be ordered from the Keg menu?”, we discovered that our students have very healthy appetites. Many thanks to The Keg’s manager, who threw in complementary desserts to make the evening even sweeter. Congratulations to our students for their amazing achievement. This is one bet that my brother and I were happy to lose.

-Dr. Moshe Renert

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