Grade 3 Renert students appreciating Westcor for building our new school

Renert School Ms. Carla’s Grade 3 students for months now have been looking out their classroom window, watching the construction of their new future school building. They admire Westcor Construction’s men and women who, in sun or snow, rain or shine, keep the project going to make sure that it will all be ready for the September 2018 opening.

As the holiday season rolled around they came up with the idea of posting huge signs on their classroom windows, expressing their appreciation. The construction crews of Westcor, reciprocated by messaging back to the kids. Since they did not have windows to post their response on, they wrote it on the steel beams. Look carefully at the photo, and you will see it. Renert’s Grade 3 students have now resolved to visit the construction site weekly, and provide coffee and TimBits to the crew, in the good spirit of kindness and appreciation.

And this is what it will look like in September 2018. EXCITING!!!