Renert School students have so much talent. Frequently we are so busy focusing on teaching and learning that we forget to showcase their incredible successes. In this newly launched SPOTLIGHT series, we will shine a light on our students, one at a time, and share with the community the joy of seeing our students become all they are capable of being.

Renert is proud to showcase yet another accomplishment by Emil Agopian, a grade 12 student at the our school. Emil has recently completed filming the first episode of a documentary series for the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, which was released on January 25th.
“I am very excited about this project, and honored to be a part of the creation of this musical celebration of the Canadian Sesquicentennial. In this project I have been able to combine my love of Classical music and my passion for filmmaking. As a cellist who has participated in solo playing, chamber music as well as orchestral playing for many years, I have developed an understanding of music which has been a real asset in the creation of this series, documenting the creative process which will produce a piece of new Canadian music for orchestra.” – Emil Agopian

To learn more about the documentary and about a very unique and inspiring project in Canadian classical music, see http://www.emilagopian.com/copy-of-morningside-music-bridge-20



“As I think about this project, and the skills I am applying to the task, I must acknowledge and thank Renert School and express my appreciation for the opportunities I have had to pursue filmmaking over the last four years. When I first met Dr. Renert, he asked me what my passion was. I told him it was filmmaking. The school believed in me from the very start: I was given access to cameras, provided the opportunity to film concerts and other school events, and was given all the support and encouragement I needed to develop my craft, and a flexible schedule to do so. I even got the opportunity to work with the younger kids on Choice Fridays, teaching stop motion animation as well as live action filmmaking. It gives me great satisfaction to transfer my passion for filmmaking to the next generation. Without the support and encouragement of the Renert School, I would not have achieved a fraction of what I had managed to achieve.” – Emil Agopian
Emil’s 2016 short film Cloud Runner was an Official Selection by numerous film festivals. His animation movie The Cycle is thought-provoking and deals with themes of conformity in an isolated world.

Check out Emil’s website at http://www.emilagopian.com/

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