Renert School students have so much talent. Frequently we are so busy focusing on teaching and learning that we forget to showcase our students’ successes. In the SPOTLIGHT series we shine a light on our students, one at a time, and share with the community the joy of seeing our students become all they can be.
In this SPOTLIGHT, we are proud to showcase the very many accomplishments of Aarushi (grade 7) and Akanksha (grade 11) Bhargava. We will start with Aarushi, our most recent gold medalist at the Calgary Youth Science Fair. Aarushi investigated a possible design for a river turbine system that she hopes to compare to other designs in future projects. She created a model on a 3D printer and then experimented with the energy that would be generated using this model.

Aarushi with her Gold Medal at the CYSF
In her own words:
For the Calgary Youth Science fair, my project was on how the flow of water through a hydroelectric turbine affects the generation of electricity using. After preliminary research, I printed (on a 3D printer) and built the hydroelectric turbine, and discovered it worked best with the highest flow of water. The experiment was enjoyable but I was soaked at the end of the day.
I spent about six months working on my project so that I could go to the Calgary Youth Science Fair. The journey was full of ups and downs, amazing discoveries, and plenty of learning. In the end, I achieved my goal, and on April 13, I went to present my findings at the Olympic Oval at the University of Calgary. In front of me were about a thousand students with rows upon rows of trifolds. Each project was unique and I could tell that countless hours went into these projects. Just walking into the Oval awakened my passion for science. I was ready for a long day of judging.
The day started out with three judges that I had to present to. The judges seemed to like my project. Later that day, it was time for the special award judging. I knew that not all students get special award judging, so I was thrilled when the judges approached me again to hear more about my project. On Saturday morning, the medal ceremony began. A couple projects away from me I saw two ladies with a basket full of medals. One of the ladies presented me with a gold medal and immediately a grin spread across my face. Last year I got a participation award; this year I got gold. Who knows what the future holds. All I know is that I’ll be back next year, ready to represent the Renert School with some more cool science!”

Akanksha, still a part of the Renert community
Sister Akanksha, while no longer at Renert, recently wrote to us:
I find it hard to express how deeply my experiences at Renert have shaped me into who I am today. From grade seven to nine I was surrounded by like-minded individuals, contributing to my growth as an inquirer and curious learner. My teachers were all passionate about what they taught, and their passion and love for their subjects shone. Passionate teachers make all the difference in an individual’s experience at school. My teachers inspired me, and gave me a newfound appreciation for the world around me. In grade 7 I was apprehensive about math. My math teacher, Aaron Renert, rekindled my passion for mathematics. Now I am successfully pursuing IB Mathematics at Sir Winston Churchill High!
Even though I no longer attend Renert School, I am still part of the supportive Renert network of students and teachers. My transition from junior high (at Renert School) to high school (at Sir Winston Churchill High) was very smooth. In grade 9 at Renert I completed Math 20-1 two years ahead of grade level; it gave me the boost and the confidence to thrive in mathematics for years to come. In Junior High I developed great study habits: note-taking, reviewing daily, goal-setting, and remaining committed. By the time I left Renert I had the skills I needed to be academically successful: critical thinking, problem solving, organization time management and the stamina to work hard. At Renert, I was taught to push myself to achieve my goals, and was given the tools I needed to do so. Now, I am a self-motivated individual who strives for excellence in everything I do. Renert is undoubtedly academically rigorous and challenging, but this rigour positioned me for success, no matter where I go. Thank you Renert School.”
Aaron says: Every now and then we lose a fantastic student to a bigger social environment. Akanksha was one of our brightest stars and left us at the end of grade 9. While we were greatly saddened to see her go, Akanksha stayed part of the Renert Community, frequently assisting with Bright Minds classes. All the best to you, Akanksha, in university and beyond.