Grade 5 Renert student, Jillian Hubler-McManus, has been very busy since mid-March rehearsing for and performing in Seussical the Musical at Storybook Theatre, playing Cindy-Lou Who, in addition to four other characters as part of the ensemble. Shows ran May 19 to June 3. Performers of all ages portrayed the characters from the familiar Dr. Seuss fables, and our Division 1 students were delighted to go and watch the play. Now that the final curtain had fallen on the last show, and Jill had a second to breathe, I asked her to grant me an interview, give me her autograph, and tell us a little bit about her experience participating in Seussical:

Jill about being a cast member in a major musical production: “In the beginning it was stressful, but from one show to the next it got better and better. We all worked together and became one big family. It was an amazing experience and I will for sure want to do it again.”
Jill about Renert School allowing for it all to happen: “The school was supportive all the way through, and allowed me to miss all the classes I had to miss because of the musical. My teachers have been really good about it; Ms. Doina sat with me once the musical was over, to reteach me everything I missed. It was so nice of the school to bring the entire Division 1 to see me on stage. It meant a lot to me and I really appreciated it.”
Jill about the future: “When I grow up, my dream (one of them at least) is to be an actress and to perform. I really want to be able to do that.”

Aaron about Jill and the future in general: “With Jill’s emerging talent and passion for the stage, and with all the other incredible talent we all witnessed in Beauty and the Beast, the theatres in the new Renert School facility could not have come at a better time. We take great pride in supporting our students in their areas of passion: onstage, offstage, or wherever else they shine. This is all UBER exciting to us!”

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