University of Waterloo Beaver Computing Challenge

The Beaver Challenge this year was expanded by the University of Waterloo to include Grade 5-6 students as well. An astounding 104 (!!) Renert students opted to write. In a typical school, only a very small fraction of students would elect to compete in math contests. At Renert “Beaver Fever” took the entire school by a storm, no doubt due to Ms. Danielle’s unparalleled powers of persuasion.

The highlights are:

  • More than 50 Renert kids ranked in the top 30% in Canada, competing against Canada’s strongest math students (naturally kids who elect to participate in math contests are the top ones across the country).
  • Of them, 43 are in the Top 25%, with our strongest 17 ranked in the Top 10% in Canada, a highly significant achievement. It is always a joy to see kids who rank very highly for the first time, beating their personal bests and our every expectation. Among them are: Saige, Yannik, Sophie, Dasha, Roman, Ian, Michael, Isaak, William, Amelia, Anisha and Dayne.
  • Atley, Robby, and Liam all wrote a perfect form (VERY rare).
  • Nine of our top 53 just joined Renert this year (they are marked in green).
  • Kevin was our strongest writer. While not a perfect form, he outperformed 99.4% of all Grade 7-8 competitors across Canada on the toughest form of them all this year.
  • Five of our top kids on the Grade 5-6 form are only in grade 4. Our future is in good hands.
Our top competitors were:

Grade 5-6 form

95%ile or higher: Atley*, Robby*, Isiah

85-95%ile: Eesha, Yannik, Sophie B., Ehsan, Dasha, Roman, Noah

Grade 7-8 form

95%ile or higher: Kevin, Ian

85-95%ile: Michael, Aarushi, Mukund, Shailah, William

Grade 9-10 form

95%ile or higher: Liam K.*

85-95%ile: Evan, Isaak K., Anika K., Dayne, Noah A., Arjun C., Amelia

Above are our top 5 on the Grade 5-6 form coming to collect their KinderEggs, complete with the ceremonial beaver (can you spot it?) Looking at these 5, I am wondering how well their parents, as well as other Renert parents would have done on the Beaver. To give you all a bit of a taste of what it was all about, I am attaching 3 questions from the most recent (2017) Beaver, one from each level.

Some parents might look at the problems and say “but this is not math, it is a logical puzzles and riddles”. If you are one of them, you are completely off the mark. Mathematics is ANYTHING that makes the left side of the brain stronger. It includes Sudokus, Beaver questions, Computer Science, Formal Logic, Chess, Law School Admission Test (LSAT) analytical and logical reasoning questions, more Sudokus, KenKen and INKY puzzles, 3-Dice, Ghost Blitz, Mazes, Tangrams, Soma cubes, and the list goes on and on. “School math” is only one small part of good mathematical and analytical training program.

Enough said. Here is your first challenge from the Beaver 2017 Grade 5-6 form (the one on which the 5 kids above wrote perfect or near-perfect forms). For reference, on the real Beaver 5-6, kids had less than 4 minutes on average per question. Yep, it is true: 12 questions and 45 minutes.
The next question is from the Beaver 2017 Grade 7-8 form, the toughest form this year. At the Grade 7-8 level there are 15 questions and 45 minutes, so you have a whole 3 minutes for this one. Good luck!
Lastly a question from the Grade 9-10 form. At the Grade 9-10 level there are 15 questions and 45 minutes, so you have a whole 3 minutes for this one as well. Good luck. You may need it.
If you are losing sleep over not knowing if you got them right, you can always ask your child to confirm. In the alternative, you may want to familiarize yourself with University of Waterloo’s wonderful treasure trove of past contests and complete solutions.