Again we arrive at this time of year where most major contests are behind us, some still ahead of us, and all are curious to know how things have been going. The Kangaroo Math Contests was written on March 24, and we are all anxiously awaiting the results. If last year is any indication, our students have done very well on it, and we expect results to be released in about 3 weeks.

University of Waterloo Grade-9 PASCAL Math Contest

The UW Pascal is the largest grade 9 math contest in the country, with 25,000 Canadian contestants and another 6,000 from all over the world. The maximum score is 150, and out of 31,000 writers, only 9 (!) got a perfect score; the average score was 90 out of 150. Schools also compete, with each school score equal to its top 3 students added together. The Pascal was held at the end of February, and final results were released last week. At Renert, our 3 strongest this year were Ian (grade 9), Shailah (8) and Johnnie (7), for a combined school score of 416, strong enough to place us (yet again) as the top school in the province from among 100+ schools that participated:


BIG congrats to Tom Baines, who essentially tied with us for first. Baines, however, has 235 grade-9 students, as compared to Renert’s 25.


At the national level we also did extremely well, tying for 7th in the country. More than 1,000 Canadian schools competed:


Renert places in the top 10 nationally


Pascal also attracted 280 international schools, that sent their best and brightest grade 9s to give it a try. It is always interesting to see where our children would have ranked internationally when compared to students their age. Below is the list of the top international schools and their scores. It is nice to see that our students still come on top (tied for 4th) when compared to the strongest students from the US, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia.


Renert would have tied for 4th place (out of 280) among international schools who wrote the Pascal this year


In addition to Ian, Shailah and Johnnie’s fantastic performances, all the following did marvellously well as well:
  • Top 1% in Canada: Ian, Shailah, Johnnie, Brendan (8)
  • Top 2% in Canada: Danielle(9), Atley (5!!)
  • Top 5% in Canada: Kevin, Liam, Kai, Ki’an (all grade 9), and Ishan (5!!)
  • Top 10% in Canada: Liz and Diya (7), Niko (8), Marlea (4!!), Chelsea (6!), Syrah (9)

BIG recognition also to Jibola, Tony, Ariana, Ottavio, Aidan, Julia and Julia, Daneel, and Josh, all of whom placed in the top 20%. having contestants in grades 4-7 who are already ranking so close to the top, gives us every confidence that we will keep dominating the Pascal for years to come.

Other OUTSTANDING achievements

At the very top of the age range, our senior high students and our strongest junior highs participated in the Alberta High School Math Contest (AHSMC), parts I and II. Part II is invitational, and is only open to the students who have ranked very high on the first part. On the AHSMC Part I we tied for 3rd in the province with Sir. Winston Churchill, right behind Edmonton’s Old Scona, and Calgary’s Western Canada High. It is good to be in such great company. Liam Kusalik ranked #2 in the province on Part I, and Shailah, Anika, and Adam all ranked in the top 50.


On the invitational AHSMC II (we are talking here about the strongest high school math-heads in the province) our students beat every expectation, with Liam ranking #1 in Alberta. Ian ranked 8th, and Shailah and Brandan tied for 18th, with all three of them being the only junior high students to rank in the top 20. It is an incredible achievement to rank in the top 20 provincially, competing against student 3-4 years your senior.


And finally, the Canadian Open Mathematics Competition. Now we are getting closer to the top of the pyramid, as far as math competitions go. This is where the math gets very deep, and where kids are scouted to attend the Canadian Mathematics Olympiad (CMO), and possibly earning a chance to represent Canada on the International Math Olympiad (IMO). Again, our students made us proud with Liam scoring in the top 2%, and earning an invitation to write the Canadian Mathematics Olympiad Repêchage. Adam won Bronze in the Alberta Grade 12 category, Shailah won Gold in the Alberta U8 category, and Ian won Silver in the Alberta Grade 9 category.


Our top producers, led by Liam, are raising the bar from one year to the next, and are wonderful mentors and role models for our younger generations. Competition season so far has been dreamy. With Kangaroo results yet to come, and Gauss and CESMC on the horizon, there will for sure be a lot more to report, so stay tuned, and MATH ON!!!


From Aaron and the rest of Renert’s incredible math department.