University of Waterloo Beaver Computing Challenge

Our University of Waterloo Beaver Computing Challenge Achievers

The Beaver Challenge is for students in grades 7-10, but at Renert we pay little attention to that. Our grade-6 student Shailah wrote a perfect form (top 1% in Canada) and was our strongest performer in the Grade 7-8 Beaver category. Kevin, Danielle, Daniel, Justin, Mukund, Arjun S., and Evan all wrote very strongly (top 10% in Canada). It is so nice to see students as young as Grade-5 Liz and Grade-4 Isaiah outperforming 75% of Canada’s strongest Grade-8 students. In the Grade 9-10 Beaver Competition, Daniel C. ranked in the top 2% in Canada, with Aashish, Adam and Jeff right behind him (top 5% in Canada). Another excellent year on the Beaver.


AHSMC-Alberta High School Math Contest (Round 1)

What a great achievement on this one. Renert School ranked 5th in Alberta among the 32 top Alberta schools that competed. The team was led by Brian, Addison, Daniel (Gr.-9!), Benjamin and Eric. All five boys placed among the top 25 strongest students in Alberta. Ahead of us were powerhouses such as Sir Winston Churchill High (2,000 students), Western Canada High (1,850 students), and Old Scona High (350 students). It is great being in such good company, especially considering that we only have 30 students in our entire high school, and that we are competing against schools that are 10 to 60 times our size.

COMC-Canadian Open Math Competition

Our COMC–Canadian Open Math Competition achievers!

The COMC is the “real deal” in Canada. Approximately 50 of the top COMC performers are invited to participate in the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO), where the top six students are invited to compete as Math Team Canada at the International Mathematical Olympiad. Brian and Adam (Gr.-10!) both outperformed 97% of all Canadian competitors and have been invited to continue to the CMO. Grade-9 Daniel ranked in the top 5% in the country; Addison and Ali were not that far behind with two very strong performances. Honourable mention goes out to Liam F. and Anika K. who are both in junior high, and who have shown a lot of promise on this one. Thank you Dr. Vince for coaching our elite math students! The hard work in the classrooms, in math electives and in Choice Fridays’ math clubs is paying off in spades.

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