March 14 is a BIG day at Renert. We celebrate Einstein’s birthday by embarking on a long an arduous quest in search for our new Pi King and Queen, all while stuffing ourselves with pies. In each of our 4 divisions we crown one of each, as well as a Prince of Pi and a Princess of Pi, who are the runner-ups in each division. What does it take to be the king or queen? SIMPLE! You first pass the qualifying round by showing you know at least 25 digits (Division 1) or 50 digits (Divisions 2-3-4). Then you show up to the final round in Room 208. When your name is called, you grab the hot seat, or do it standing up. Your choice. You recite Pi to as many digits as you can possibly remember under the watchful eye of Dr. Vince and Master Aaron, as well as the rest of our math teachers. You get to make two mistakes before you are stopped, and if you make a mistake, you have to recover on your own. The brave souls that end up in the hot seat compete not only for fame and glory, but also for the coveted prize money (for all Pi Royalty) equal to the number of digits you remembered multiplied by Pi to the power of 2. In layperson’s terms: for every 10 digits you get $1, roughly (assuming you win, of course). In addition, everyone gets one Skittle for every 10 digits, and a KinderEgg for every 100. On the way out of the room. Ms. Doina treats everyone to a piece of PIE.

This year we had over 125 qualifying finalists (!!) coming to try their luck. They came from far and near: tall and short, shy and flamboyant, of all ages and genders, all with great aspirations and dreams of immortality. Some even toyed with the idea of breaking the record set by Brian Kehrig in 2017, when he recited Pi to a staggering 1,309 digits (YES, one thousand three hundred and nine). Just to give you an idea how difficult it is, the first 100 digits are: 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097

  1. Both Renert brothers are of the view that Brian’s superhuman display of brainpower (BrianPower, really) will not be replicated for as long as the rivers flow, the wind blows, and Renert School glows. In short: NEVER!

SO, what happened on March 14, 2019?

Our Division 1 students proved to be serious heavy hitters, with King Jeffrey (190 digits) and Prince Ali (145), together with Queen Anna L. (160 digits), followed by Princess Taylah (122). Small but fierce, they fought each other to the finish line.

BIG honorary mentions to Diego, Jacob, Ayla B., Kaylin, and Ellie P., all breaking the 100-digit barrier, securing a KinderEgg, and sending a very clear signal for March 14, 2020.


Next came Division 2 with King Aydin H., who, with his 234 digits clinched the top spot in the division and also ended up being the School King! Tal is the divisional prince with 170 digits. A huge surprise came from a very unexpected place: as of March 14th, Sara K. is not only one of Alberta’s top female tennis players, but also our Division 2 Pi-Queen with 205(!) digits, most of which she learned the night before. Our previous school queen, Jeena, decided to take it easy this year, and with 136 digits she is still royalty, as the new Division 2 Princess. GIRLPOWER!

Impressive performances also by Armin (152), Sophie B. and Kaitlyn (135), Kennedy (125), Ishan K. (110), Lucy and Serena C. (120), and Taha, Neomi, Matteo and Hazoor with 100 digits each.

Next came Division 3, with its dozen qualifiers. From among the boys, Brendan emerged King with 206 digits, with Michael and Mukund tying for Princehood with 170 digits. Shailah made it very clear she was going for the school title with her 225 digits, and she did! Princess MacKenzie delivered a short, yet pleasing performance, with 75 digits. Very strong performance from Ki’an (140) as well. Division 4 failed to inspire. Completely plagued by “Sinioritis”, a common illness that effects our seniors once they get closer and closer to graduation, they seemed to move slow, and brought only 6 qualifiers (contrast this with Division 1 and its 40 qualifiers…) Luckily, one of them was Anika Kehrig, who, in addition to her 225 digits (good enough to tie with Shailah for Pi-Queen of Renert School), introduced us to the Pi-Song: Anika does not recite Pi, but rather sings it, to the great delight of all spectators. The Division 4 King ended up being a 3-headed creature made up of the twins Aadesh-Aashish plus Dayne, in a well-orchestrated 3-way tie for first place, with a lukewarm 102 digits. Somehow, they correctly suspected that if they all tie, they will each get the full prize. They were right: each got 10 Skittles, a KinderEgg and the full $10.  In light of the way-too-many “ties” in Divisions 3 and 4, the organizers will closely inspect our policy going into next year, in order to discourage this lowly practice.

We are so proud of all who partook in the Pi challenge, and we look forward to seeing you all again on March 14, 2020, at 3:14:15 sharp. HUGE thanks to the entire Math Department, and in particular Dr. Vince, Ms. Doina, Ms. Marina and Ms. Keri. And now, for some more highlights from a truly fun day: