What an amazing weekend our team had on the big Reach stage in Toronto! After playing 15 games on Saturday, our boys finished with 7 wins and finished the round robin in 9th place. On the second day of the tournament our boys finished as champions of the consolation side, winning all their games, ranking 9th in the country, and beating our wildest expectations!

Our team has so much to be proud of. Throughout the tournament, they exhibited true Renert School spirit and sportsmanship. This is only our second year playing Reach, and we are already Top 10 in the country, going head to head with schools ten times our size that have many years of experience on us. Thank you Isaac (team captain), Addison, Ben, Dani, and Brian for making us so proud. You set the bar incredibly high for our intermediate and junior teams.

Special thanks to coach Karen Harris, who is leaving us next year to relocate to Kelowna. Renert School will never forget your immense contribution to bringing the Reach culture to us. You will be greatly missed by students and staff alike. What an amazing way to end our Reach season!

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