Our senior Reach for the Top team, consisting of 7 students in Grades 11-12 (the two Jonathans, the two Bens, Adam, Addison and Maya) and their coaches Lora Stead and Aaron Renert, flew to Toronto last Friday to compete in the national Reach tournament which took place on May 26-28. Our senior team earned its participation in the national tournament by winning the Alberta provincial title in April (with Jonathan R., team captain, awarded the MVP of Alberta). What at an amazing weekend our team had on the big Reach stage in Toronto!
After playing 14 games on Saturday, our boys finished the round robin in 7th place (9 wins-our best record ever). On the second day of the tournament our boys (and Maya) finished as champions of the consolation side, ranking 9th in the country, and matching our performance from last year. We are so very proud, especially considering that the schools we played draw their teams from hundreds of students in Grades 11-12, while our team of 7 came from a total enrolment of 18. There is no doubt that our kids are very talented!
Lessons learned: the 3 Ontario teams are monster-strong, and a league of their own. Ranking among the top 3 in the country will take a while longer, but our top senior Reachers are determined to do just that over time by heavily coaching the next generation. All eyes on Ari, Justin, Jibola, Ehsan, Yannik and the rest of this gang to give Ontario a very good run for its money in 2022.