As many of you know, our Senior Reach for the Top team made it to nationals in Toronto on May 24-27, after winning the Alberta title. We are extremely proud to present to you our Senior Reach Team’s results: we are now ranked 5th in Canada, our highest ranking ever, and a highly significant achievement. The Saturday round robin was stellar, with our seniors winning 9 of our 13 games, ranking 4th, and sending a clear signal to the Ontario teams that Alberta means business this year. The following day, on the big stage, our seniors managed to hold their position, and finish the tournament in 5th place overall. A huge congratulations goes out to Jonathan Renert, who was voted one of the 4 MVPs of the national tournament. Kudos to Jonathan B., Maya and Liam, who played solidly throughout, and to our substitute players Ben, Anika, and Adam. Our seniors had good time competing, showed excellent sportsmanship, and enjoyed every aspect of our Toronto trip, including a heartfelt appreciation on Toronto Island, tons of delicious food, and meeting like-minded students from across Canada.


Please congratulate those who close their Reach career this year due to graduating: Jonathan R., Jonathan B., Maya, Ben, Adam, Kaleb and Theo. Our seniors set the bar high and inspired future generations of aspiring Reachers at Renert. Liam and Anika continue on into next year’s season. A huge thank you to all those who helped each of these students in finding success: whether through assisting in organizing, coaching, and cheering them on.


Go Reach!


Proud coaches and mentors with some very brilliant kids.