We are proud to announce that Renert School was AGAIN ranked #1 among all Alberta high schools in 2016-17 on the basis of our students’ performance on diploma examinations (see http://www.eightleaves.com/alberta-high-school-rankings). Every year, Eight Leaves, an Alberta data analytics company, ranks Alberta high schools by their overall diploma exam averages in the core academic subjects. Last year (2015-16) was the first year in which Renert School was included in the ranking, and only our Mathematics 30-1 results were used in the ranking (as the other classes were still considered to be too small to be included). This year confirmed our position as the top academic high school in the province, this time based on all major subjects. We placed first with a substantial margin from other schools in Mathematics, Physics, and Social Studies. We placed a close second in Chemistry and English. We placed a not-too-distant fourth in Biology. If anyone still had any doubts about Renert’s excellence transcending far beyond “just” mathematics, the results speak loud and clear: excellence is pursued and achieved in every corner of the building.

Congratulations to our students for knowing the value of hard work and applying themselves consistently, thereby opening the doors to all universities. You make us so very proud! Congratulations to the teachers who worked hard to achieve these outstanding results. Congratulations to our parents for underscoring the value of commitment and hard work, and for supporting the school’s culture and spirit. Congratulations to us all for following a vision of learning for the love of learning, with lots of choice, lots of freedom, and lots of rigour – in a word (or two): Serious Fun

We should also note that of the 62 diploma exams written in the building last year, a significant number was written ahead of grade level by students in Grades 9-11. This freed them to pursue subsequent university-level studies at Renert while still at high school. This model is unique to our school.

Our back-to-back first-place ranking is an astonishing result for our young school. At Renert, we never focused on being #1 on standardized tests. It has never been the end goal, nor is it the vision. We do not select nor do we retain our students on the basis of their predicted performance on diploma examinations. We do, however, promise and strive for rigorous, exciting, and rewarding academic programs, delivered by excellent mentors. The sky-high diploma exam results are a natural byproduct of this vision. Our students’ achievements on standardized tests are a small part in a broad tapestry of other accomplishments – in “Beauty and the Beast”, on the Ninja Warrior course, in Reach for The Top, in science fairs, in chess tournaments, in the High Altitude Space Platform (HASP), in university courses, on the volleyball court, in mathematics competitions, on the dance floor, in service projects, and in giving back to the community. We are confident that Renert School will keep on doing very well academically for years to come, as long as we keep our focus on Teaching and Learning through Serious Fun.

Congratulations also to the other schools who ranked in the top 10. It is a privilege to share the ranking with other excellent schools dedicated to good academics.

–Dr. Moshe and Aaron Rener