Renert School students have so much talent. Frequently we are so busy focusing on teaching and learning that we forget to showcase our students’ successes. In the SPOTLIGHT series we shine a light on our students, one at a time, and share with the community the joy of seeing our students become all they can be.

In this SPOTLIGHT, we are proud to showcase the very many accomplishments of Maya, a Grade 11 student at our school. Maya’s artwork is extraordinary. The topic of Maya’s work ranges from contemporary Musical icons to classical themes in Shakespeare. In her own words:

“The main inspiration for my work comes from pop culture influences. The musical icons I chose as subjects for my portrait paintings were all influential creators in music, expanding the boundaries and limitations of their time. Growing up in a house full of music, my family sang along to Cat Stevens and intently listened to the classic guitar riffs of Jimi Hendrix. The pair of one line paintings exhibit contours of portraits- what I perceive to be one of the most complex images to replicate- in a simple manner. In addition to music, I gather my influences from classic literature. Themes from Shakespeare and Mary Shelley have often made appearances in my work. The quotes included encapsulate both the traditional text and my modern interpretation.”

Maya has been an avid art fan and student throughout her entire life, but her view on aesthetics continues to evolve and change throughout time.

“As a Grade 11 student, my taste and passions in art are constantly evolving. I have been exploring different mediums since I was a child, immersing myself in everything from pottery and painting to graphic design. Currently, I still incorporate multiple mediums within my artwork. By combining painting, sketching, and occasionally 3D materials, mixed media brings a new dimension to my pieces. My family has always been both my biggest support system and hardest critics, pushing me to try new things.”

Maya’s current art exhibition will run from Sept 18 – Oct 15 at Cafe Koi, a local restaurant that support emerging artists and musicians. If you happen to be downtown, please take some time to go and view her beautiful artwork. It will all be for sale and Maya is donating 10% of the proceeds to the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter.

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