Renert School students have so much talent. Frequently we are so busy focusing on teaching and learning that we forget to showcase their incredible successes. In this newly launched SPOTLIGHT series, we will shine a light on our students, one at a time, and share with the community the joy of seeing our students become all they are capable of being.


Renert is proud to showcase the very many accomplishments of Vivienne, a grade 12 student at the our school, who will be greatly missed next year. In order to understand why we love Vivienne so much, we asked her to describe her journey at Renert in her own words:

“Being a part of division four provides students with a leadership role. I take this opportunity very seriously and often find myself spending time with the Kindergarteners. For a few hours, I get to play tag on the jungle gym with my younger peers. Additionally, the school also allowed me to offer a choice Friday option in which I was able to read stories with kids in division one to help further their reading abilities. Being one of the oldest students in the school has provided me with countless leadership opportunities and chances to build relationships that I would never have been able to do at a public high school. My day has never been considered complete until I share hugs and high fives with the children from the younger divisions.”

“As a grade 12 student at the Renert School, I am freely allowed to explore my passions. From the beginning, I was introduced to a wide array of biology courses and my science teachers constantly catered to my curiosity. I am fascinated and curious about the human body and in classes, I have been allowed to dissect everything from cow eyes to sharks. Having the right support system for me to discover my niche has allowed me to be offered admissions into several universities including Western, University of Calgary, University of Saskatchewan, and St. Andrews Medical School. I have also been accepted to a medical summer program at Cambridge University

My teachers have always reviewed the job application process, gone through the interview process, and wrote many reference letters for me. Not many schools teach students the correct way to shake a hand or the subtle body language expected for an interview. Every teacher knows their student’s career aspirations and many will actively search for opportunities that are able to bring us one step closer to achieving our dreams. It is apparent that our teachers care about our continued success as well as our personal and academic development.”

“When I first came to the Renert school, I told Dr. Renert that I wanted to learn how to dance. From there, my schedule was immediately filled with dance classes with a variety of dance teachers. I was exposed to house, hip-hop, contemporary, and African dance. In addition, I was allowed to participate in every winter concert and spring musical to showcase my abilities. Because of the dedication of my dance teachers, I was accepted into the Delta hiphop crew with illfx Dance School. I would have never believed that pursuing a curiosity at Renert would allow me to be able to compete at dance competitions outside of school and find my passion. I am grateful that the school has always believed in me and I attribute the majority of my success to my teachers and mentors.”

The rigorous academic schedule that Renert offers did not prevent Vivienne from engaging in extra curricular activities. This includes being a lifeguard and swim instructor at the YMCA, volunteering with Alberta Health Services in Urgent Care, and also at Dubasov Dance and Wellness (a dance studio that caters to children with special needs).

We are so proud to call Vivienne a graduate of Renert School.

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