In January, two representatives from ME to WE came to the Renert School to speak with the grade 6s about helping out people in other countries, people who don’t have the things that we take for granted.  Several grade 6 students were inspired to start
researching ways to help. I found the Develop Africa website and read information about having a school supply drive. Some schools in Africa don’t have enough pencils, erasers, or paper for their students.  Parents can barely afford to eat; so buying school supplies for their children is not possible. 

My friend and I proposed the idea of having a school supply drive at the Renert School.  A couple of teachers loved the idea and suggested we have it to celebrate the 100th day of school.  They recommended that we challenge each of our four school teams (blue, yellow, red, and green) to bring in 100 items on the 100th day.  We also made it a competition for points.  Teams were told which items to bring in and what points would be awarded for which items.  On February 6th, 7th, and 8th, my friend and I set up donation boxes in the cafeteria and began collecting supplies.

Wow was it successful!!  After three days of collecting, the boxes were overflowing.  Even our teachers donated items!  Three friends and I then had so much fun sorting and counting everything.  We received over 1030 pencils, 800 pens, 510 erasers, 116 glue sticks, 76 boxes of crayons, colored pencils, and markers, 172 pads of post-it notes, 86 scissors, 36 staplers, and dozens of other items such as boxes of staples, notebooks, highlighters, and lined paper.  After totaling the team points, we made the announcement of the team points on the P.A. system for the whole school to hear.  The Blue Team was the winner.  Way to go Blue Team!  Green came in second place, Yellow came in third, and Red came in fourth.

Our science teacher generously helped us with the shipping and on February 26th we sent Develop Africa over 150 pounds of school supplies. The supplies will be stored at the Develop Africa office in Tennessee until they receive enough donations from around North America to fill huge barrels to ship to Africa.  I hope we receive a letter and photos from the school that receives what we collected.  That would be really neat!

We would like to thank the Renert teachers, parents, and students for all of their contributions and for making this project so successful!  We are proud to be a part of such a generous community! 

For more information on Develop Africa and how you can help, please visit their website www.developafrica.org

By Sarah

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