Cayd Greiner was the first ever (!!!) and only student to graduate from Renert School in our first year. Ty graduated last year. Fortunately we are still hanging on to Dayne (grade 10), the youngest of the Greiners. To those of you who have not yet seen or heard the Greiners’ band “NewLaw” perform: they are marvellous, and NewLaw is getting some real traction on the airwaves. Their new song, You and Me, is in the CBC songwriter’s competition, and they could use our support to . Please take a minute to follow link below to listen to their new release and to vote for it
You can vote once a day from each email address you have or Facebook until Feb 28th. You will need to create a password to be able to vote. Feel free to share the link with your friends and family. Go Greiners!