& Middle School (1-9)

Children’s experiences in their early school years determine the direction and range of options they will have in high school and university. The elementary and middle school years are formative periods in which students are introduced to the exciting breadth of human knowledge.

Renert Elementary School students gain a very strong foundation in reading, writing, math and science.  Even at this young age, they are taught by subject matter experts. For example, mathematics is not taught by a generalist elementary teacher but rather by a passionate mathematics specialist. Students who excel in certain subjects are encouraged to continue to soar in them without limits, with the result that many of them work above grade level in various subjects.



Beyond core academics, our students are exposed to a wide range of electives including art, chess, drama, dance, martial arts, music and yoga. On Fridays, also known as “Choice Days,” students may choose their classes from a range of exciting options–from debate, philosophy, and Math Competition Club, to architectural drawing, knitting and Ultimate Frisbee. This strong foundation gained in elementary and middle school allows our students to be exposed to a rich landscape of potential interests which they may choose to pursue in high school and beyond.

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