Dear students and families,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Renert School community as we get ready to embark on our fifth year of operations. Our motto is “Serious Fun”, and we take this pledge very seriously. The upcoming year promises to be another year of engaging and rigorous work in our classrooms, combined with a diverse and exciting range of extracurricular activities and events.

The Renert School provides an exceptional educational program that encourages students to maximize their academic potential and become competent, socially aware learners who are ready for the demands of the 21st Century. Students are allowed to progress at their own pace in areas of aptitude and interest, without being limited by age or grade level expectations. Students are taught by a team of teachers and mentors who are experts in their subject areas, and have the ability to support students irrespective of their skill level. In addition to the core academic subjects, students are offered a rich array of options and activities that are integrated into the school day and are intended to help them find and nurture their unique passions. All of this is accomplished within the context of a safe, supportive and caring school environment that fosters appreciation for ones’ peers, teachers, family and the community at large.

During 2017-18, we will continue to build upon and refine our proven foundation of excellence in education. Student success, however, does not happen by itself. It is the product of collaboration between students, families, and school. Our talented staff is committed to providing students with many opportunities for growth, both inside and outside of the classroom. We encourage students and parents to work in partnership with us to take advantage of opportunities in all areas of school life – academics, the arts, athletics, and community service activities.

It is our intention to keep you informed of the many wonderful things that are happening at the school. Updates will be sent to you through Schoology, our online learning management system, as well as through our Facebook page (URL) and website. If you have questions or concerns that arise at any time, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We feel very privileged to be part of a school community in which students, parents and staff care deeply about student success and collaborate to promote student growth and engagement. We look forward to a positive and productive year together!


Aaron and Moses Renert, Founders


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